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YSA Serving the Refugee Community at Baraka Little Library

The Youth Sustainability Alliance (YSA) in South Korea, led by Ryan Hong and Jinyoung Chung, recently organized a visit to Baraka Little Library, demonstrating a strong commitment to community support and environmental sustainability. The YSA, which includes students passionate about sustainability, focuses on practical ways to make a difference, such as reducing food waste and supporting educational programs for underprivileged children.

Practical Impact: Food Redistribution Initiative

The initiative involved collecting unsold food from local restaurants and cafes, a practical approach to reducing food waste. This not only prevents good food from going to waste but also helps support local communities by providing meals to those who might otherwise go without.

Day at Baraka Little Library

During the visit to Baraka Little Library, the YSA students engaged directly with the children, creating an interactive and fun atmosphere. They brought the redistributed food to the library, turning the day into not just a learning experience but also a community feast that brought smiles to everyone involved.

This initiative shows how environmental sustainability efforts can directly benefit the community, supporting both educational and nutritional needs. The students of YSA are setting an example of how young people can make a tangible impact through thoughtful, targeted actions.

The day ended with a sense of accomplishment among the YSA members and gratitude from the children and staff at the library. This visit not only provided immediate benefits but also strengthened the bonds within the community, showing that small actions can lead to significant positive outcomes.

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